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Penzance promenade


The Irish painter Norman Garstin painted what was to become an iconic painting of Penzance in 1889. The Rain it Raineth Every Day, that is.

Nevertheless, today we are blessed with one of first magnificent spring sunny day and I can’t wait to enjoy my daily walk along the Penzance promenade. No disrespect my dear Norman but you should have waited a couple of days before starting your masterpiece, the “Prom” looks so much nicer when the sun shine.
Walking up, the view over Newlyn and Mousehole is exquisite specially when the tide is ebbing showing the rocks where the old copper mine once stood.

Walking your way down, you will be facing the white wall of the emblematic Art Deco Jubilee Pool and floating in the distance St Michael’s Mount. Just behind the pool, you will find Battery Rock. This is where lots of hardy swimmers meet all day long and all though the year for a quick dip or a longer swim to those too far away for me orange buoys. On a nice spring sunny day like today the sea temperature can rise up to 12 celsius so who would need a wetsuit ? I will certainly wait another couple of weeks for sure for my first dip. I saw some dolphins by the Gearpole so that was nice. 4 or 5 of them just going their own way, maybe following a school of fish or simply enjoying dolphin life. That’s a cool life by the way.

Now, on my way I can never resist a small detour by Frazer Fish & chips for for a piece of their amazing battered Haddock and a scoop of the lovely honeycomb Moomaid ice cream.
I don’t what they to their batter but it is the only one around that is crispy and not greasy meaning I don’t get glossy lips and smelly fingers after having eaten one piece. Not that I really mind anyway as I will always wash my palate with a mega scoop of delicious ice cream.



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